A Day In The Life of a BSC Camper – Sunday July 1st

Lazy Bones Morning – Sunday Funday Style!

Welcome to our first Lazy Bones / Sunday Funday of the summer!

Lazy Bones Mornings work like this: Campers and staff get their day to sleep in. We have a buffet breakfast with Dunkin Donuts, cereal, fruit and yogurt from 9am – 10am. If campers wake up before 9, they can leave their dorms to play games including Gaga, Corn-Hole, Badminton, World Cup Soccer, and much more. Breakfast is not mandatory, and if campers want to sleep that extra hour, then they certainly can. We have a whistle at 10:20, and everyone makes their way to the lineup area to discuss the morning and the rest of the day.

From 10:30 until lunch, we have a variety of different activities that campers can go to. This Sunday, in addition to good old “free play”, campers were able to go compete in a Gaga Tournament, 3v3 basketball games, tennis games, or watch one of our favorite events of the summer: the camper/counselor lacrosse game! That game is always so fun because the campers and counselors play together on the two teams.  This year counselors Ben and Ben and their team took home the victory!

Following the morning’s activities, came lunch and then rest hour. We needed to rest up for our afternoon surprise…

Starting at 2:30, we had our carnival. We’ve done this every year, and it is always an amazing time. We bring in dunk tanks, water slides, bounce houses, basketball games, and a few other games to play. We took a ton of pictures, so head over to your CampMinder login and check them out!

In addition to the carnival, we had our first home inter-camp game of the summer, a 12 and under kickball game against Camp Micah on the baseball field. Campers who did not play had the option to go watch and cheer on our team. We lost, but it was a hard fought battle. We have a bunch more inter-camp games coming up over the next week, so stay tuned for more updates.

As the afternoon came to a close, and dinner ended, it was time for phone calls. We passed out phones right from dinner. We hope everyone enjoyed speaking to or facetiming with your children last night. If you need anything, you know where to find us.

Until Next Time…….

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