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2016 Staff Dates

June 21 - August 7

The Bridgton Sports Camp Staff: Coaching and Inspiring Campers Each Day

Bridgton Sports Camp Is Only As Good As Its Staff

We live by this slogan and spend all winter interviewing and hiring morally and ethically sound people to work at camp each summer.

At Bridgton Sports Camp you will be surrounded by people with similar values and priorities; people who enjoy sports and find fulfillment working with children and working together.

This job will be unlike anything else you have experienced. The list below outlines some of the things you can expect from the exciting experience ahead. Please read this list carefully before filling out our online application below.

What you SHOULD expect (i.e. these things will happen)

  • To have fun
  • To make some of the best friends you'll ever have - both among campers and staff
  • To be exhausted - and beyond exhausted at times
  • To feel good about the work you've done
  • To learn a lot about yourself and others - and to teach others at the same time
  • To find out just how strong your sense of humor really is
  • That the actual money you could earn could never adequately pay for all you do
  • To work hard - very hard
  • To laugh - a lot
  • To gain more from the experience than you bargained for
  • To never have thought 7 weeks could go so slowly - and yet so quickly at the same time
  • To feel needed
  • To cry when it's time to say goodbye
  • To never have the same exact view of yourself, of others, or of life again
  • To have very little free time to yourself
  • To live in very close quarters with others who may be very different from you
  • To be expected to follow rules - even though you might not agree with them or might think they're unfair
  • To never forget your camp experience

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