The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.
- Babe Ruth
Greatest Baseball Player of All Time


Ice Hockey Camp
Hockey Facility

Campers who select hockey as their major at Bridgton Sports Camp are on the ice for at least 13 hours each week. A hockey period consists of a combination of skills, drills, and game play. The difference between us and other camps that offer ice hockey is that we have a rink on-site. This provides campers more ice time, which allows us to offer more in-depth, comprehensive instruction on all facets of the game. All campers have their own locker so all of the equipment stays at the rink. In addition to the hockey periods every day, we also have off-ice speed/agility training and hockey inter-camp vs. local camps.

The overall goal for the summer is to make sure each camper is getting the most they can out of their experience. We have worked with hockey players at every level from learn-to-skate through pro-hockey. It is our goal that each camper will have an experience that not only will be fun but also help them develop into the player they hope to someday be.

Hockey Director Mike Warde

Hockey Director Mike Warde

Mike is currently the Director of Hockey and Head Coach at Bridgton Academy. A native of Rockport, Mass., Mike is a 1993 graduate of Iona College where he played forward and served as a co-captain his senior year when he received the “Pride, Hustle and Desire” award. His Collegiate coaching career got underway at his alma mater before accepting an assistant coaching position at West Point in New York for the Black Knights in 1999. After 4 years, Mike accepted a position as top assistant coach and head recruiter for the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Following a 7 year stint at Alabama, Mike returned as an assistant coach at the U.S. Military Academy for 2 seasons before taking the head-coaching job at BA.

Sample Hockey Schedule

Period 1

  • Warm up - skate, followed by proper stretching (hockey specific)
  • Power skating - split into 5 lines - work on skating techniques, inside and outside skate edges balance and power. This will help campers become better on their skates and edges.
  • Push me pull me drill - campers will push each other down the ice while the person being pushed resists. This builds not only strength in legs but builds friendships between partners.
  • Puck handling - several drills that will help develop better puck control in game situations
  • Stations - split campers by skill and spread into 5 groups around the rink. Each group will work on something different. Passing, shooting, footwork etc.
  • Game - end each session with something that will make the campers work hard during their session.

Period 2

  • Warm up - skate, followed by a stretch
  • Power skating review - we will be going over the morning's power skating drills. The best way for a camper to develop is through repetition.
  • Shooting - going over proper shooting techniques and making adjustments accordingly.
  • Partner passing and puck control - this teaches the camper how to make the right pass and make it at the right time. Puck control will be done in small areas to help make quicker decisions.
  • Puck control/agility race - this will help the campers put everything together from foot speed to thinking. It also adds a little fun with some competitive edge.
  • Team building exercise - each day will end with a different team building exercise to help build character and leadership in our youth.

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