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From Koop's Desk

Dear BSC Families,

What a year it has been. I’ve heard many people say, “lets try and forget about 2020”. At times I would agree, however some of the most special moments of my life have taken place this year. I married my wife Danielle in the Spring and we welcomed our daughter Scout Blakely on October 7th. The pandemic gave me time to spend with them that I probably wouldn't have had otherwise. As we all continue to adapt to our new normal, I hope you will also reflect on some of the positives from this past year.

Camp is on the forefront of my mind. My job as director of Bridgton Sports Camp is what I have missed the most and what I will never take for granted. We all need camp right now for different reasons. Children need it because they need to socialize, have some freedom, and learn to deal with conflict resolution among many other important attributes and values that camp brings.

We are hoping that camp can be as normal as possible this summer, but we are also preparing with extra safety & health precautions to protect us if we have to pivot. The BSC Hockey Camp that was run last year has helped me tremendously during this process.

As a result of COVID we will not be advertising for new campers. We do have spots open in certain (mostly younger) age groups. If you know of anyone interested please pass on our info, and if they enroll you will receive a $300 credit for this summer.

Enjoy the newsletter and camp will be here before we know it!


From Koop's Desk

As a camp director, a highlight for me is watching our campers/staff grow up at camp and staying in touch post camp and as they begin their careers. This section is an opportunity to catch up with BSC family, see what they have been up to and possibly reunite.

Both Miguel & Eli were campers in the early days of camp (Miguel is a founding member and Eli started during year two) and were integral in the growth of Bridgton. It's also a very small world because they are from 2 different countries and ran into each other at Tulane University.

Miguel Yuste

I really miss the good old days back in BSC with the boys. I went to college here in Spain and graduated last year with a Double Degree in Business and Law. I had the opportunity to attend one semester at Tulane University, in New Orleans, to study Finance and it was great. I even ran into a fellow camper from the old days, Eli Tsakiris.

I think of BSC as a real home, and now that time has passed, I am able to appreciate the great opportunity and the fun we had back then. Not only it was a huge opportunity for me to improve my English, which I think I did, but also to make great lifelong friends while I improved considerably in both basketball and my overall fitness. Thanks to BSC, I continued playing basketball to the point that after graduating high school I became the starter shooting guard in my college´s basketball team during my freshman year. During college I also decided to pick up Muay Thai, which is pretty similar to kickboxing, and it has been really fun, I even competed and won tournaments. Now that I have graduated from college, I am currently studying for a huge law exam, similar to the BAR in the US.

I still wear all my BSC shirts every now and then, being the CIT shirt the one I like the most. I also keep with great pride my BSC banner with all the pins I earned during the years on my bed´s wall. I keep hanging out every week with Joaquin and Pablo, and Max Izotof came to visit us three years ago and we had crazy fun.

I really hope that BSC will do great in the future, and even though coronavirus is being a real pain, BSC´s 11th year will be as good as the first one.

BSC Forever,

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Eli Tsakiris

I had the privilege of experiencing Bridgton Sports Camp as both a camper and a counselor. The lessons I learned as a camp counselor are ones that I have carried with me through my undergraduate career and into my future as an aspiring physician. I am currently in the midst of a gap year between my graduation from Tulane University in May of 2020, and my entrance into medical school in the fall of 2021. I am working as a medical assistant at a dermatology clinic in Massachusetts during the medical school application process. In such isolated times as these, I look back fondly on my time at Bridgton Sports Camp.

As a camp counselor, I gained valuable experience navigating conflict and compromise while ensuring that all campers of different interests enjoyed their time at camp. My campers taught me how to use different modes of communication to work with all types of personalities. The amount of responsibility given to camp counselors cannot be understated and learning how to handle such a position allowed me to become more adept at managing multiple commitments in college, such as academics and extracurriculars. As a counselor, my critical thinking was constantly tested, forcing me to find creative ways to engage a diverse group during in-between times, transitions, and changes in plans. The skills learned as a camp counselor can be translated effectively into any field imaginable as the improvement of one’s character, communication ability, and time management skills are powerful traits found within any successful individuals. In such an interpersonally focused field as medicine, my formative experience as a camp counselor has embedded a strong background in building relationships as an authority. As our world becomes increasingly virtual, summer camp remains a pure release from the noise of technology, social media, and politics. In addition to being some of the most fun months of my childhood, Bridgton Sports Camp helped me mature into a successful adult transitioning into the working world.

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From Koop's Desk

All forms needed for camp will be available in your My CampMinder account beginning January 1st.


If you are enrolled (or re-enroll prior to December 31) you'll receive this special BSC shirt. All families that rolled over from 2020 please enroll by December 31st so we can have an accurate count for camp.

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